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Palliative Care

Colorado recognizes Community Based Palliative Care as a vital entity in the health care arena and it is governed in the regulations for Hospice. By providing both Palliative Care and Hospice Care our goal is to provide a seamless continuum of care over the course of their life threatening illness.

Focuses on relief from physical suffering. The patient may be being treated for disease or may be living with a chronic disease, and may or may not be terminally ill.

Addresses the patient’s physical, mental, social, and spiritual well-being, is appropriate for patients in all disease stages, and accompanies the patient from diagnosis through optimal symptom management.

Ask yourself these questions??

What are your priorities?

What is your understanding of your health or condition?

What are your fears?

What are the tradeoffs that you are willing to make?


Palliative Care Services You Can Expect to Receive:

Nurse Practitioners will do a history and physical, focus on symptom management, disease education, environmental safety assessment education and advance care planning.

Clinical Social Workers will provide counseling on life altering disease, loss, depression, and anxiety.

Chaplins will assist with spiritual crisis and existential angst.

Medication Reconciliation will be provided.

A Palliative Care Certified Physician will oversee all services provided by the Palliative Care team.


If I am on Palliative Care can I also use the home health benefit? Yes!

Is there a cost for palliative care? Yes, you pay a co-pay per visit from the Nurse Practitioner.