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Grieving the loss of someone we love is one of the most profound experiences in life. There are complex reactions that affect us physically, emotionally and spiritually during the normal healing process which for many people can become overwhelming. Having good support systems, resources and understanding common responses to a loss can make it less difficult to cope with grief.

Front Range Hospice & Palliative Care's bereavement professionals consider it a privilege to assist grieving persons after the loss of a loved one. Our experienced grief counselors are available for phone discussions, individual or group support, community education and bereavement visits. For those whose loved one received Front Range Hospice & Palliative Care's, these services are available for a 13-month 
period after a loss. 

Some of the normal symptoms of grief include various reactions listed below: 

Physical reactions such as sleep difficulties, change in appetite, fatigue, crying, feelings of emptiness, forgetfulness, restlessness.

Emotional: numbness, sadness, anger, irritability, guilt, loneliness, anxiety, sense of abandonment

Social: withdrawn, avoiding people or places, lack of motivation or interest, dependency, overly sensitive

For more information please contact our Bereavement Coordinator Nichole Williams at 

The Grief Place